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Transparency & Automation

Regular FLETEC Assessments establish a new objective foundation for data-driven discussions, eliminating blind spots and reducing subjectivity in the decision-making process. In detail, the departments responsible for managing the repair activities are enabled to improve performance and vendor behaviors as follows:

•    The FLETEC Report facilitates all the learnings from the assessments and enables qualified discussions with vendors and between technical teams as improvement potential is explained from a high to a low level. The FLETEC Report enriches today’s used key figures and benchmarking with the assessment results. For the first time the full improvement potential is uncovered and explained in detail so that all participants have a clear understanding what actions need to be improved and the value of such activities. Such transparency is of extreme value especially in areas where today no or only sporadic control can be applied or where not enough information is provided by a vendor to allow a control process.

•    With an increasing quantity of assessments the FLETEC Algorithm is learning and identifying correct and incorrect repair situations with an increasing accuracy. Such information is used to enrich and flag live repair data (estimates). Estimates without cost risk can be processed without delay improving equipment utilization. Technical expertise can focus on incorrect estimates improving cost control while not wasting time with estimates that do not require control.

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