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Legal Notice

Fletec GmbH
Sugambrerweg 55
D-22453 Hamburg
Phone. +49 (0)40 5700 2014
Managing directors: Martin Schöler, Tim Böger

VAT-ID: DE333191890

Privacy protection
Security of personal data (e.g. name, addresses, phone number or mail) and privacy are of great importance to us. Therefore all of our services are operating in accordance with the German laws for data privacy and data safety. We work closely with the data protection authorities in Hamburg to guarantee the data safety. Without your consent we do not collect any personal data on our website. It is up to you to decide which kind of data you provide during registration, order, etc. We will only use, save or process your data, if you, the german Data Privacy Act of Teleservices or the German Data Protection Act allow us to do.

Legal Notices
Fletec GmbH iGr is neither responsible nor liable for the topicality, correctness and completeness of our provided information and data. The information on the website in no way represents legal or actual warranty. Fletec GmbH iGr reserves the right to extend, change, delete or to complete given data or information. No legal claims can be construed from the topics described here. Fletec GmbH iGr may not be held liable for any direct or indirect damage that may be caused by the use of any information or data on this website.

The website is part of the World Wide Web, and therefore, connected to third party websites that can change at any time. These websites are not subject to our area of accountability and the information on this page does not apply to them. Before including these links, they were checked thoroughly once to confirm that they do not violate morals and laws. Links leading to third party web projects can be recognized by the fact that they open in a new browser window.



  1. Companies are only allowed tu use the platform of Fletec GmbH iGr for their own information.

  2. The information and data provided by Fletec GmbH iGr is confidential and must not be forwarded to third parties.

  3. Any disclosure of access data, information data or classification data to third parties is strictly prohibited.

  4. Professional trade with the data is prohibited






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