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The new container M&R

analytics platform


FLETEC makes M&R operations smarter

FLETEC introduces a learning system that identifies improper and correct repairs on containers and other intermodal asset and uses this visibility to improve/automate operational control processes, resulting in lower costs while reducing workload.

Industry challenges

Complex challenges and systemic inefficiencies are making it difficult for the technical management to operate cost-efficiently and to meet the quality standards customers expect. Inaccuracies are considered a normal part of the business. Due to the sheer size and speed of the business, many of these inaccuracies cannot be identified and corrected. Inaccuracies eat up efficiency - cost, quality, safety and productivity are suffering.

To succeed, adopting new technologies and business practices are necessary to improve the collaboration between business partners.

The FLETEC solution
Add on to your current system landscape - no integration effort

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The FLETEC Algorithm combines industry experience with statistical methods and machine learning. From the large quantity of repair situations, the Algorithm identifies those estimates that matter and that need to be checked by technical experts.




The FLETEC Assessment Platform allows technical experts a very efficient evaluation of the pre and post-repair situations that were selected by the Algorithm. An optimised user experience screen collects the valuable technical expertise to enable business transparency and automation.



FLETEC establishes a new objective foundation for data-driven discussions and process automation , eliminating blind spots and reducing subjectivity in the decision-making process.

Facilitating all the learnings from the assessments, FLETEC enables qualified discussions with vendors and between technical teams. In the daily operation improper and correct repairs are identified and flagged to allow process improvement and automation.



Customers & Partners

Jan Hauptmann, Container Management
MACS Maritime Carrier Shipping

FLETEC provides actionable information to improve maintenance and repair activities on our container fleet.  Individual control of repair cost estimates and key figure analysis were not accurate enough before.

Massimo Magnifico

FLETEC is an ideal fit for our Logistics Tech portfolio. We are very exited to connect them within our partners and to support their development.

Lim You Lok

Asia Regional Logistics &

Intermodal Department (M&R)

CMA CGM Asia Pacific Limited

This (FLETEC) is indeed a very powerful view for us to monitor performance of each depot.


The FLETEC team

Martin Schöler

Industry expert with leading technical positions at Hamburg Süd and Maersk

Martin Schöler
CEO & Founder

Tim Böger
COO & Founder

Tim Böger
Entrepreneur, start-up and data expert, founder and data expert at before FLETEC

Klaus Schröder
CTO & Founder

Klaus Schröder
Over 20 years of IT expertise in data management and cloud solutions in leading technical positions



Sugambrerweg 55 | 22453 Hamburg | Germany |  Tel.: +49 40 5700 2014

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