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FLETEC at Intermodal 2023

FLETEC welcomes you at the Intermodal 2023! Contact us at +49 40 5700 2014 or

Martin Schoeler, founder and CEO of Fletec and Stephan Munch, Marketing & Sales Executive of FLETEC are looking forward to welcoming you at our stand H64 at the Intermodal 2023 at the RAI in Amsterdam October 10th – 12th. At the stand they will be delighted to explain the power and capability of our artificial intelligence driven algorithms. A new era is dawning on the M&R Management delivering cost benefits and a transparency that currently is not available in the industry! 

Several top 10 shipping lines are already using and have implemented the application as well as a large number of medium sized lines. 

We have just added another service to our platform. Our Reference Cases – Standardizing M&R decisions and saving cost by always applying most economic repairs.

We are excited providing this new functionality to our platform. To the best of our knowledge this is the first time in the industry that a holistic digital catalogue of best practices is made available guiding decision-making of global organizations. It is a highly underestimated fact in shipping organizations that repair quotations for identical damage situations vary drastically across vendors and execution teams. A digital catalogue of thousands of reference cases specifically created for each customer provides guidance for 80-90% of all damage and repair situations.

With our system shipping lines can quickly identify risky repair estimates and receive orientation on the best repair decisions thereby reducing workload, speeding up equipment productivity, whilst reducing cost. These are our value propositions. The saving potential as displayed below is realized by addressing wrong repair methods, incorrect tariffs, and excessive material replacement. But our service is a beneficial tool for the depot community as well as it helps them to improve their service quality. Recognizing service improvement, our algorithm lowers the control of individual estimates allowing quicker turn times and process efficiency for all participants.

FLETEC was founded in Hamburg in 2020 and offers its Container Maintenance & Repair (M&R) improvement platform as a cloud-based “Software as a Service” (SaaS). Driven by a learning algorithm, our real-time risk detection identifies improper and correct repair estimates immediately, enhancing operational control processes, resulting in lower costs, and reducing workload simultaneously. FLETEC works as an add-on to any operational system used today and can be activated without IT support.

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