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Assessment Platform

The FLETEC Assessment Platform is the home screen for technical experts carrying out assessments. The optimized user experience screen collects the valuable technical expertise and enables machine learning processes that identify behavior patterns and improvement potential – for the first time in this industry.

The cases selected by the FLETEC Algorithm are presented and organised here for enrichment by human expertise. The Assessment Platform allows the technical experts a very efficient evaluation of individual repair situations that, in a larger context, enable an evaluation of internal and external service levels. These include inspection & repair accuracy and execution quality, tariff compliance, schedules repairs, warranties, third-party recovery identification, correct assessment of phase-out containers and other service parameters that are not transparent today.

The small quantity of Algorithm-selected repair situations combined with the efficient Assessment Platform allows a quick and deep evaluation identifying the full improvement potential that cannot be corrected by individual estimate control today.

Invest just a few hours a month to regularly assess vendors on the FLETEC Assessment Platform to

•    improve your repair budget
•    reduce your daily workload controlling and approving individual repair situations

We are happy to prove this in a trial.

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